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Match a DC motor having high reliability and functionality, a brushless motor, a coreless motor with the product specification of the customer and provide it.
As a custom product performing design and fabrication to the product specification of the customer, I have high trust to our air pump use and machine product, brush reply motor for the air-conditioning system of the latest building.

Coreless motors

Coreless motor
The coreless motors feature the pos sibility of startup at low voltages.
  • Low inertia, long life light weight and low electrical noise make these motors suitable for wide range of ap-
    plications in medical and cosmetic equipment as well as printing machines.
  • Auto coiling machines are used to fabricate a variety of motor products with outer diameters from 13 mm to 50 mm.

Brushless motors

Brushless motor
Featuring many advantages including low torque and rotation irregularities and suitability for both low/high revolu- tion speeds and forward/reverse rotations as well as absence of electrical and mechanical noise, the rushless motors are applicable in highly reliable air-conditioning systems and window opening/closing systems.
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