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Applications of compact pumps. motors and mechanisms from OKENSEIKO

Our compact pumps have a wide range of applications including medical equipment (our products are actually adopted by one of electronic blood-pressure meter manufacturers with the big share in the world), home electric appliances, housing equipment, marine equipment and automobile equipment. Our mechanisms match well with the most advanced electronic control technology and are highly approved for their simple but sure operations.

OKENSEIKO meets every need of the users.

  • Product development based on interactions with customers.
  • Implementation of original ideas backed by technology.
  • Fulfillment of the requirements for product such as size reduction, noise reduction and service life extension.
  • Development of products in new fields to match the needs of the times, and implementation of series products by exploiting unique technologies.

Flow from user inquiry to mass-production

706, Yanokuchi, Inagi-shi,
Tokyo 206-0812 Japan
TEL. +81-42-379-2211
FAX. +81-42-379-2255
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