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Rolling pump

What is Rolling Pump?

We call motor-driven diaphragm pumps as "Rolling Pump".
Rolling pumps include three types of pump, air pumps, vacuum pumps, and liquid pumps.
Every type has variety of model, and they surely will satisfy your requirements.

Mechanism of rolling pump

Rolling pump organization chart
Rolling pumps contain multiple diaphragms to minimize the pulsation, noiseless operation, long life, and high pressure.
This mechanism is an achievement of OKEN SEIKO's unique design and development technology.
Mechanism of rolling pumps is simple and easy to implement using multiple cylinders per motor .
This is the reason that our rolling pumps feature space saving and high flow .
In addition, this structure also reduces the motor torque variation and thereby minimizes pulsation.
These pumps feature very high flow and high compression pressure (80 to 120 kPa ) compared to their sizes.
Their discharge valve construction (hat valve) enables silent operation, with which the noise level is maintained low from no-load to maximum pressure conditions.
Liquid pump
Our liquid pumps feature excellent suction performance (3mAq) and forcing performance (40mAq).

1. Crusher
2. Drive shaft
3. Crank
4. Umbrella valve
5. Diaphragm
6. Sliding section
7. Bearing

Rolling Pump Lineup - 16L/min to 0.09L/min

List of rolling pump products


  • Compact / Compact size and light weight. The most compact product is as thin as 8 mm and weighs only 10 grams (5 cc/min.).
  • Low noise / Silent pumps with minimum noise of 40 dB.
  • Low discharge pulsation  / The multi-cylinder design helps maintain the pressure constant.
  • Self-priming capability / Suction is possible without restriction of the pump installation position with respect to the liquid level.
  • High discharge pressure / Max. 120 kPa.
  • Wide storage temperatures / Normal operation is possible under temperatures from -30℃ to +80℃.
  • Long life  / More than 3000 hours (actual achievement).
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