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Self-priming compact liquid pump
(positive liquid pressure)

Liquid Pump

Our liquid pumps feature excellent suction performance (3mAq) and forcing performance (40mAq) for the size as well as the self-priming capability.
Products applying these pumps can be designed without restriction of the pump installation location with respect to the liquid level.
These pumps are applied widely in equipment that needs compact design and/or self priming, such as home appliances (hot pots, refrigerators, water-spraying toilet seats, steam electronic ovens, irons, washing machines), housing equipment and fuel cells.

Liquid Pump List

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Model Voltage
Max Pressure
Free Flow
min Current
Guaranteed value
Actual value
P08L02R 12 over 200 0.17 70 - 50 100 6V,Image
RTP27I15R 12 over 70 0.35 110 - 90 180 6V
P11G01R 12 over 130 0.8 120 - 280 560
WTR27B02R 12 over 100 0.3 50 - 200 400 Different flow rate, different lifetime specifications available.
  • ※1 Performance values are on average.
  • ※2 Operation time is guaranteed. Operation cycles differ depending on the model.
  • ※3 Average performance tested using a proven testing method.