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A high-performance vacuum pump that is both compact
and can suction high-intensity pressure.

Vacuum Pump

Our vacuum pumps feature silent operation, low pulsation and long life. They are applied in products with which stable performance and operation are critical, such as medical equipment and measuring instruments.

Vacuum Pump List

Table can be scrolled horizontally

Type Model Model Name Size Rated voltage
Max Pressure
Free Flow
2 Cylinders
Rectangular shape
RWS10D RWS10D01R t = 10mm 2.5 -30 0.5 Smallest size /
Low flow rate model
(Under development)
3 Cylinders
Round shape
RTS27E RTS27E08R φ27 6 -65 1.5 High durability model
RTS27K RTS27K01R φ27 12 -80 0.4 High suction power model
RTS32A RTS32A01R φ32 12 -50 2.0 High flow rate model
High flow rate
3 Cylinders
Round shape
RTS56A RTS56A01RW φ56 12 -50 9.0 High durability model
(Brushless motor type)
RTS56B RTS56B02RM φ56 12 -50 7.0 Basic model