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Original idea based on high technology.
Oken Seiko improves its technology continuously to satisfy you.


Our business purposes are as follows:

- Design, develop, manufacture, and sale of rolling pumps and other precision mechanical products
- Satisfy requirements of customers
- Contribute to society by providing micro pumps with high quality, short L/T, and fair price

For accomplishing the above purposes, we set action guidlines as below:


  1. And the law observance is without an accident
  2. Maintenance of the customer satisfaction
    ● High quality
    ● Fair price (cost reduction)
    ● The observance (idiopathic accident reduction, improvement of the lead time by the reduction of the inferior quality, arrangement aptitude) of the delivery date
  3. Technical improvement for customer satisfaction

I set quality target to carry out the item mentioned above and build the quality management to perform a plan, education, training, an evaluation, a review continuously. I publicize the policy mentioned above to all employees through duties activity and am thorough and shall be disclosed generally widely.


The evaluation that is high from the world company,
a business partner and amount of production to spread year by year.

Our small pump is adopted in the fields such as medical equipment, household appliances apparatus, Jidosha Kiki, the house apparatus.

With the technological advance of those products, the demand for performance of delivery parts increases, too. For example, 10000-hour movement life is demanded if it is a longer life pump. In addition, the technology development of the level that is high for a long time in various fields including the operation and heat resistance and the quietness under the high pressure is requested. We meet those needs precisely and have high trust.

The number of business company, a use, the amount of production of the overseas company increase year by year, too and accept an order of work now from Europe, Asia, the American more than 100 companies. I make efforts in the field of Jidosha Kiki which began in 2003 and increase a share every year.